“Stuffed” Mushrooms

Yes, quotations are needed for this title. I’m the kind of cooking genius that can’t figure out how to stuff a portobello mushroom when making a dish called stuffed mushrooms. I’ve been thinking of what I can blame this failure on and I think the mushrooms were too flat. For real. In the end it didn’t matter. They tasted amazing and they were super easy to whip up. I imagine it would be almost as easy to make if prepared correctly, too.


First, de-gill the mushrooms with a spoon until the gills are mostly gone. Then use a very damp cloth to clean the dirt off. As always with mushrooms, never wash them.

Next, dice 1 large tomato and add to the mushroom. Then sprinkle on some mozarella cheese. I used about 1 cup for 2 mushrooms.

Add some salt and pepper and stick them in the broiler for about 10 minutes–or until the cheese begins to slightly brown.

Since this dish was impromptu I didn’t have all the ingredients I wanted. Next time I will definitely add some arugula and parmesean cheese as well.

And I’m trying this on the grill since summer is fast approaching. Finallyyyyy. All of this rain the Philadelphia area has me eagerly awaiting Memorial Day!


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