Way-Too-Simple Pasta Salad

I am chomping at the bit for summer, which is now only a few weeks away! I cannot wait to retire my winter clothes and leather jacket that I’ve been forced to wear every morning for sundresses and sandals.

With the warmer weather, I find myself craving lighter food options like most people. Sometimes, it’s the most simple of dishes that I crave like this delicious yet dumbed-down pasta salad. Comprised of only a few ingredients: garden pasta, shaved carrots, plum tomatoes, red peppers and basil for some sweetness, it’s the perfect balance of satisfying and lightness. Drizzle in some olive oil, mix up and serve.

The colors really pop and will stand out on any picnic table, too. Not that you can tell how pretty this salad is from the picture because my camera is regular old point-and-shoot and despite all of the journalism classes I took in college, I’ve never learned how take a proper photograph. I’m still trying to learn, but I’m probably just a lost cause with this one–sorry!

What lighter foods do you crave in the summer time?


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