Lazy in the Kitchen

Last night I had grand plans of cooking up some Fettuccine Alfredo but I got lazy and didn’t have all the ingredients and would have rather watched CSPAN for 5 straight hours than go to the grocery store. I changed into sweats, got my Kindle fired up and settled in for an enthralling night of salad and leftovers.

Full disclosure: I am aware this post is not my finest work but it is indicative of my life and my relationship with the kitchen. Most food bloggers are posting fresh recipes and ideas every day but for me, it’s just not realistic. I LOVE food and love trying my hand at making new things and writing about them, but if I have to force myself to cook all of the time, I will just end up hating and resenting it.

I admire those who can spend hours upon hours in the kitchen and not tire out but that is just not who I am. This salad was the best thing to happen to me yesterday and it required no imagination, only 4 ingredients and all of 2 minutes to put together.

Oh, and would you want to leave your house for the grocery store while you’re watching your dog having a ball rolling in the grass? Me neither. I’m such a sucker for my little guy!


7 thoughts on “Lazy in the Kitchen

  1. This looks like a great salad! I don’t know how those bloggers do it either… I can’t imagine having a new recipe to post every day. Where do they get all of their time?

    • That’s what I want to know! They must spent all weekend working on their blogs. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I’m just not that dedicated!

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