Gruyere Grilled Cheese

Sometimes there’s just nothing better than a good old-fashioned grilled cheese sandwich. Mine are usually incredibly mundane and comprised of whatever I can scrounge up in the fridge.

If you’ve read this blog before you know I have a special affinity for cheese even though I am quite the fromage novice. Recently I purchased some Gruyere which I haven’t put to any kind of good use. That is, unless you count eating it piece by piece while standing in my kitchen watching the Real Housewives after work. Do you think they eat cheese? Probably not…

Anyway, I searched for a good grilled cheese recipe that utilized Gruyere and read about a recipe on the very handy website, that called for Gruyere, Granny Smith apples and a drizzle of honey. I was sold.

FOR THE RECORD: I bought the best bread I could find but a day later it was moldy. Ergo, the Wonder Bread. A better food blogger would have went out and bought more of the good stuff but not me. Sorry sorry! Wonder Bread is how I rock and roll.

The sandwich was every bit as good as the commenters on the post said it was. So I am proud to report I am now a fancy grilled cheese girl! And I need to find more of these gourmet grilled cheese recipes! Leave me some ideas if you have any!


15 thoughts on “Gruyere Grilled Cheese

  1. I have been meaning to try this combination in a grilled cheese for so long and haven’t! I see this as lunch over the weekend. Thanks for sharing!

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