Red Velvet Pancakes

The prettiest pancake you’ve ever seen…right? Yes, sarcasm. 

From the first time he heard the words, my boyfriend Andrew was obsessed with trying Red Velvet Pancakes. Anytime we went out to brunch he’d search the menu for the elusive flapjacks. When it wasn’t on the menu, he’d make it a point to ask the server, in an act of total desperation, if the restaurant had them anyway. Usually his question was met with an overall confused glare or that squinty-eyed face people make when they’re trying to understand what you’re saying.

I don’t know. The idea was just not that appealing to me. I love red velvets…but before lunch!?

Well, I gave in and agreed to test them out. We used a recipe from because it seemed like the easiest one…and I wasn’t feeling that enthused to begin with…and it was too early to think too hard.

The pancakes were certainly good-looking but they didn’t do anything for me just as I expected. And no, I didn’t put any of the crazy cream cheese icing on top because this is BREAKFAST, people and I just can’t do that! The picture would have turned out a lot better had I put a dollop or so on, though.

Everyone else I know loves them so the cheese might stand alone here. What else is new?


7 thoughts on “Red Velvet Pancakes

  1. well in my world, it’s never too early for cream cheese frosting! they look good. i have never tried them, but i would probably order them if i saw them on a menu!

  2. I don’t think its ever too early for anything – if you’re craving it 😉 So i love that your bf was on a quest to find his elusive pancakes and even sweeter that you tried to cook them for him. I LOVE pancakes – but am a bit like you, not sure I would enjoy red velvet as much, I love that you got it in a heart shape though 🙂

    Anna xo

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