Around the World in 80 Plates: Tortellini Torture

80 Plates is still in Italy! How? I feel like they’ve been there their entire adults lives at this point! This week they are conquering Bologna.

They are keeping the same teams as last week (Jenna, Liz and John on the Red Team and Nookie, Avery, Nick and Nicole on the Black team) and have to carry a GIANT hunk of cheese all around the city all day. They look nuts. Then as the next part of “The Course” they have to get 12 ingredients at a few stores around the town and then bring them to a delightful Italian man to check off.

This seems simple in theory, but unfortunately for the black team, Nicole has immunity and therefore doesn’t want to use her brain. This will be a recurring theme throughout the show. She has a checklist of the items that they got but SOMEHOW she misses the Parmesan cheese. “Oops,” Nicole says as everyone stares at her scornfully. Since they now have to run back and get the cheese, the red team squeaks by them and moves onto the final stop of the course at the Piazza Maggiore where they find Cat and Curtis and win the exceptional ingredient! They are pumped. They needed the moral. Jenna needed to prove that all of the Italian she knows is not for naught! Sweet victory!

The exceptional “not-so” ingredient this week? 60 extra minutes for the Red Team to cook. Which means 60 extra minutes of listening to Jenna barking at her slaves in the kitchen. Good fun. They also get to dine with  Chef Riccardo Facchini, who will explain all about Bolognese cuisine. They have the option of inviting the other team join them and they decide to do it–they don’t want Nookie rolling around Bologna learning things that they don’t know!

Smart. And what’s even smarter? Jenna talks to Chef Riccardo in Italian the ENTIRE time so know one except for her can understand what he’s saying! Brilliant.

During service it’s quite evident that Jenna’s team has the advantage here. They basically cruise through their time in the kitchen and I’m sure the extra 60 minutes didn’t hurt. Even though Jenna is uber-annoying, she runs a tight ship and it’s clear they get shit done.

The black team is struggling to keep their heads above water. Avery, who teaches a pasta-making class seemingly forgets how to make pasta dough and then is running super short on time when she goes to back the tortellini. Oh, the dreaded tortellini. She and Nookie are so frantic with their eye balls popping out of their heads and sweat dripping down their faces that they decide they need to enlist help from the dishwasher, and then the waiters and soon it seems as though every Italian in the country is helping them make tortellini.

In the end, no one should have even bothered helping them because the pasta was awful. So awful that one diner compared it to Chinese take-out. Ouchhhh. John’s tortellini on the red team was a lot better and people actually wanted to eat it. Shocking.

The diners liked Nick’s mushrooms but that seemed to be about it. Nick would have been the MCP if his team won, but that’s of course not how this story goes.

The final course was the meat course: Liz on the red team vs. Nicole on the black team. A battle of the meat broads. Jenna fully expected cute lil’ Liz to fail. But no, she rocked her meat course out and everyone lovedddd ittttt.

Nicole on the other hand, screwed up her meat in every way possible. I mean, everything was wrong with it and had she not had immunity she would have been sent home.

But in the end, it’s sad Nick that gets voted off. Avery and Nookie have an alliance happening so neither one of them wanted to vote for each other. Knowing this, Nick took his frustrations out on Nicole because she was clearly the weak–super weak link here. She begins the voting and names Nick and then everyone else follows.

Nookie is pissed that Nick has to pack his bags. He tells the camera, that he won’t forget this…watch your back, Nicole in a very Godfather-esque way. He won’t forget this.

Next week the cheftestants are finallyyyyy leaving Europe for good this time. They’re moving on to Thailand!


6 thoughts on “Around the World in 80 Plates: Tortellini Torture

    • Coming from someone who doesn’t know Italian…that’s good to know! And that piece of information may or may not make into next week’s blog!

      • I am italian…and she’s a show off. Ok, she can defend herself, but she needs to be taken down a notch. Loved that she totally threw Liz under the bus and then the diners actually loved her food. Priceless.

      • I’m totally using your expertise in the next post. Thanks! I know NADA about languages! Liz might just win this whole thing!

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