Smoked-Out Charcuterie

Not only is Charcuterie a fun word to say, but it’s also a word I love because is means delicious cheeses and meats. I am a snacker at heart–I love standing around the kitchen making mini-cracker sandwiches or slicing at cheese piece by piece while paging through a magazine I’d otherwise have no interest in reading.

It also happens to be the perfect snack for a summer day or to graze on while you bake, or both! I got some apple wood smoked Gouda along with Americano uncured salami from Whole Foods while picking up some of their best cocoa for a baking project I was working on that day.

The Gouda and salami were great but after a few pieces, I was smoked-out. The salami was labeled as “sweet” so I thought, “COOL! Smoky and sweet? That sounds like a great flavor combination!” But I didn’t account for the fact that the salami would be sweet and smoky and with smoky cheese–ohhhh wowwwww. I felt like I was eating a wood-burning fireplace. But in a good way?

Anyway, both foods were delicious…but together? Ehhhh. I’m learning about flavor profiles as I go. I’m a foodie-wannabe after all!


13 thoughts on “Smoked-Out Charcuterie

  1. I love a classic charcuterie board and for me smokey meats, some delicious cheese, breads and pickles would help me while away that afternoon, 🙂

    I’ve never tried a Salami that is sweet before either!

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