Around the World in 80 Plates: Thailand

Did you ever think Around the World in 80 Plates would leave Europe? After one stop in Morocco, the bulk of the season has taken place in Europe. Kind of disappointing but hopefully they’re done with it for good now that the cheftestants have arrived in Thailand!

Everyone is excited to see the Buddhist temples, experience the culture, taste the cuisine…but most importantly they are all excited that the dreaded Jenna doesn’t speak Thai! Finally! It’s an even playing ground for all.

The chefs break up into teams of two of their choice. The only two guys left, John and Nookie take off together, Liz and Nicole become a team and leave Jenna and Avery as the final team, much to Avery’s dismay. No one wanna work with Jenna, but I don’t get why. She’s been pretty successful and even though she’s annoying, I’d much rather team up with her than John, who keeps losing!

So “the course” begins and they have to go to a market (of course) and find 2 buckets of coconuts. All in a day’s work.

John and Nookie find the coconuts first and try hard to not let any of the other teams see them. This doesn’t work because it’s not so easy for Nookie to blend in with the Thai people. Everyone else catches up to them as they move along to the next part of the challenge which involves grating 5 pounds of coconut. So crazy stuff happens here, Jenna loses her other team member, Avery, John is hacking away at a coconut with a wooden board and a nail, Avery and Jenna finally reunite and they both seem pissed.

Next, the teams have to go plant rice paddies when shit gets even crazier. Despite Nookie being slooooooower than anything, he and John make it there along with Avery and Jenna but Liz and Nicole are lagging behind. They’re kind of like the engine that could, if that engine was cute and girly and knew it was probably never going to win this challenge.

After completing this challenge, the teams must race to the Ban Dient Temple and John and Nookie win (obviously) and get the exceptional ingredient. I really don’t know how Nookie stays afloat in these challenges and even wins but he must be working with some kind of magical inhaler or something.

So the Takeover challenge is to serve their food in a food stall in the market. As a food truck lover, I think this is such a fun idea! This is how really people eat. How long can we watch all these fancy schmancy Europeans critiquing food with their pinkies in the air sipping tea!? Now, the chefs are cooking for the masses!

For winning the exceptional ingredient, Nookie and John get lots of money to cook up two dishes and Jenna and Avery aren’t allowed to use heat for their food because they came in dead last. Womp womp.

When it comes time to serve their food, the diners hate Liz and Nicole’s dishes. The hate one of Nookie and John’s but they made a drink that all the Thai people wanted to drink. Jenna and Avery did OK to with their papaya salad.

But it didn’t matter what the food tasted like. It was about the dollar bill…or whatever the Thai equivalent is. For a cooking/food show…this show is really barely about food at all. When does Top Chef return again!?

John and Nookie made the most money thanks to their drink so they win 10Gs. When it comes time to vote someone off, they choose Jenna, of course. While I would have done the same thing, as a viewer, I’m kind of bummed. Is there any personality left on this show? Nookie–that’s all we got. Liz and Nicole are cute, but dull. John, who won the MVC for the second time in a row following his losing streak, is nice enough…but dull. Avery, a little fiery annnnd a little boring. That’s all we got. Who’s bringing the entertainment next week? Someone better step it up.

PS- I really wanted to get a joke in here from Meet the Parents where Ben Stiller says, “Oh no, Dina, Jack can talk Thai. Jack talked Thai real well,” but it really didn’t fit anywhere…


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