Chicken and Veggie Packets

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Is this the best chicken recipe ever? No. But it’s HEALTHY. And it’s semi-inventive with the preparation method of aluminum foil or parchment paper packets. And I really love zucchini and sweet little cherry tomatoes and steaming them with the chicken makes them sooooo delicious.

This should be simple enough, but I didn’t actually read the directions until the last second and they looked like they were written in like a different language. I was folding the paper in my mind as I read them until I got to the part where it told me to make a VALENTINE. Ummmm….??? My boyfriend tried to help but he ended up using like all of the foil when we only had a limited supply and I as I stared around at the kitchen littered with parchment and aluminum foil Valentine’s day hearts I saw my dreams of chicken and veggie packet dreams crumbling down.

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Dramatic, yes but as always I try to make everything perfectly, at least the first time I try a recipe and usually turn into a neurotic, crazy, bitch in the process. The point of cooking is to have fun, but when you can’t figure out how to make a foil packet its like !@#$%^&SAJFLKDAJ!!

In the end, we had 3 very weird little aluminum packets which Andrew made and 1 parchment paper “bag of trash” looking packet which I made. The chicken got really moist in the foil ones but my parchment one had a leek. I would make this again, after watching several hours of YouTube videos about it.

Oh, and the recipe really is good. Mustard, salt, pepper, thyme and some EVOO is all you need with the chicken and veggies and its perfection.

Recipe is here from EatingWell. Enjoy!


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