Pumpkin Spice Cronuts

photo 1

Everyone is obsessed with cronuts–you know, the croissant/donut hybrid that has become the biggest deal ever the world!? In Philly we have but a few bakeries turning out these babies but they are still hard to come by. So, like an idiot,  I convinced myself that I could make them myself. They didn’t really turn out looking exactly like cronuts because I improvised in a few spots and because I have really, really bad luck with yeast…and because I probably had no business trying in the first place.

They turned out tasting really good–even if they didn’t look exactly like cronuts. So it wasn’t such an idiot move after all. The dough was light and there were some layers but the caramel sauce with the pumpkin pie spice sugar took these fried dough rings to a whole new level.

The dog staring on as I prepare food is a common occurrence. Capturing the moment while she's licking her chops? Literally the cutest thing ever.

The dog staring on as I prepare food is a common occurrence. A picture that catches her licking her chops? Literally the cutest thing ever.

It was very laborious! Give yourself a whole day to make them. This is not the treat that you can make just an hour or so in advance. Planning is everything. Giving yourself overnight to do this is best. Having patience and time management is really important. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan or have time management. And I really lost my shit when the yeast wouldn’t work the first 3 times I tried it.

I’m so tired just thinking about making these that I’m not even bothering to copy and paste all of the directions and ingredients here. Just visit the website for how to make them: http://foodnessgracious.com/2013/09/pumpkin-spice-caramel-cronuts/



Don’t let my poor attitude dissuade you from trying your hand at these. They are awesome! And honestly, even though I got pretty flustered at points, this was cake compared to some of the sticky baking situations I’ve gotten myself into.

photo 2

And yes, this is my second pumpkin-themed blog post in a row. I’m gonna try for a third because you can only do autumn desserts for so long before people think you’re weird.


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