Pumpkin Spice Cronuts

photo 1

Everyone is obsessed with cronuts–you know, the croissant/donut hybrid that has become the biggest deal ever the world!? In Philly we have but a few bakeries turning out these babies but they are still hard to come by. So, like an idiot,  I convinced myself that I could make them myself. They didn’t really turn out looking exactly like cronuts because I improvised in a few spots and because I have really, really bad luck with yeast…and because I probably had no business trying in the first place.

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The BEST Challah French Toast

photo 3

In a past life, I would have loved to have been served sweet breakfast treats like French toast every morning. Now, I seldom crave such things and prefer a more savory breakfast. Somewhere, out of nowhere…. I got the inspiration to make an all-star breakfast which is something I never do. There’s something about preparing a meal after just waking up that’s not all that appealing to me–call me crazy! I don’t know how some people whip up breakfasts regularly on the weekend. It’s just not my thing which couldn’t be more clearer if you looked at the Recipes section of this blog and noticed the lack of breakfast foods I’ve made (especially ones that aren’t baked goods!)

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Banana-Nut Oat Bars

Cool shadow! I took this photo at 7am on a rainy day...

Cool shadow! I took this photo at 7am on a rainy day…

After a long smoothie obsession, I have finally succumbed to the early morning laziness I have long been fending off. I used to not mind spending 5-10 extra minutes every morning making smoothies before heading off to work, but now it feels more like a chore. Especially after my last smoothie creation: banana papaya with almond milk kept congealing into an inedible texture! (But thank goodness for those protein shaker balls–worked like a charm in making the smoothie a normal consistency!)

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Peanut Butter Banana Bread


I haven’t bought very many cookbooks since you can find so much online for free! and because my mom has always had some good ones that I could use as resources. But there are a few books that I have been hoping to get my hands on for a while, one being Mark Bittman’s How To Cook Everything. 

photo 2 (1)

Last Friday I was checking out one of my favorite used bookstores during my lunch break and saw the book sitting there and I quickly grabbed it and got it for a bargain! I walked with the massive text back and forth from work, carrying it like a prize. When I got home I dug right in and have been obsessing over it ever since.

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Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake Muffins


I’ve baked my share of cupcakes but somehow I have never baked muffins. I have decided that it’s time to put my muffin tins to good use and whip up some goodies that aren’t cupcakes! So when I found this recipe for coffee cake muffins and read all of the rave reviews, I decided they would be perfect.

And they were perfect! They were moist and just sweet enough for my morning taste. The recipe called for blueberries, but I’ve had chocolate chips sitting in my pantry for a while now and decided to use them instead. I would double the amount of salt used next time, but other than that, this recipe is great as it is.

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Apple Cinnamon Scones

photo (10)

I never thought I could successfully bake scones. Just looking at them, they always have appeared slightly more complex that my baking skills could handle. I am really like a third grader in the kitchen and scones seemed to be something that only real bakers make.

I am not a huge fan of having a big breakfast. I prefer to have a smaller one consisting of a cereal bar, bowl of oatmeal or an occasional bagel and then I try to snack healthily the rest of the day until lunch. Scones would fall right into my perfect-sized kind of breakfast I enjoy. So I just decided to do it already! If they turned out bad, whatever. I had all of the ingredients already so no loss. And if they turned out amazing, I could gloat and brag that I am not a legit scone maker-baker.

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Crème brûlée French Toast


I don’t really have anything to say about the Crème brûlée French Toast at Green Eggs Cafe, but I took a picture of it and I feel that it warrants its own blog post. Green Eggs Cafe in Philly might be known for their red velvet pancakes, but o…m….g….this perfectly sweetened version of the classic breakfast dish will leave you unable to think about anything else for the rest of your day. The berry compote, the Chantilly cream, the anilla anglaise, it’s all too good for words.