Cheese Adoration

Crate & Barrel is like my Disneyland. On my last trip there I was determined to leave with something. My souvenir of choice ended up being this hard cheese knife from their seriously magical kitchen department. Ever since, I have been on the hunt for new hard cheeses to try. I really don’t know anything about cheese. The only thing I know is that being immersed in the DiBruno Brother’s cheese department is more fun most other kinds of shopping that 20 something girls live for (read: shoes, read: purses.) Hands down. If you are from Philly, you know DiBruno’s is really freakin’  awesome. And this past weekend to DiBruno’s I went–only I wasn’t shopping for myself but for Mother’s Day! I am kicking myself for not buying anything but I was trying not to be selfish–which in this case was just stupid. What was I thinking!?

Now I’m back looking for new hard cheeses and I need ideas. I just finished off some Gouda so leave me a comment if you have a favorite I should try! I’m really tryna be a cheese expert so help me if you can!