Mahi Mahi with Zesty Basil Sauce


I am a seafood purist. I still think there is nothing better than a good fillet of salmon with salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon. Zesty basil sauce, however, is one of my favorites ways to spruce up a boring piece of fish. I use this for Mahi Mahi as well most other white fish like tilapia and flounder.

The recipe is from Paula Deen but I’m pretty sure I started making this sauce prior to her demise…but I’m not certain. So, this may be a politically incorrect fish, BUT in a whole new way.

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Weeknight Cherry Tomato Margherita Pizza


This is a little Sandra Lee of me, but this is a pizza made with refrigerated pizza dough (gasp, gasp from meanie food bloggers who look down on those who don’t do everything from scratch!). You could make your own dough for this. It would be easy enough, but the reason for making this exact pizza is that it’s stupid easy but will taste amazing. Even if you’re spending a couple extra bucks on the dough, it’s still way cheaper than ordering a pizza! Continue reading