Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

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Sometimes I randomly get an idea for a recipe, so I Google it and use the first thing that pops up on the search list.  I don’t know what i actually had in mind when I Googled “healthy pumpkin cookies” but the first thing that came up from Sally’s Baking Addiction sounded good enough. And I already had most of the ingredients so my search for healthy cookies ended as soon as it begun.

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Blueberry and Peach Crumble

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Just because summer is “officially” over with the coming and going of Labor Day, doesn’t mean you have to immediately stop making your favorite summer foods. Summer doesn’t really end until September 21st so we still have a few weeks to make all the barbecue, fruit cobblers and potato salads that we didn’t get a chance to all throughout June, July and August!

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Green Tomato and Fig Cupcakes

I have really grown to love my shadowy, lonely cupcake photos...

I have really grown to love my shadowy, lonely cupcake photos…

Right now I am mourning the end of summer. It’ll take me a few weeks to accept the return of Autumn and get excited to bake Pumpkin bread, enjoy the leaves changing colors and break out some warmer clothing. But not yet, please, nature! I needed some super summer recipes badly, and this cupcake was the ultimate pick-me-up. A birthday request, it used seasonal ingredients that were readily available at the market: sweet, plump figs and beautiful, green heirloom tomatoes. I cried a little bit on the inside when I had to puree the tomatoes up–they were so pretty!

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Coffee Granita

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Summer time is all about ice cream, frozen yogurt and anything sweet and cool to help beat the heat. And even though I love me some ice cream (even if my stomach doesn’t) I wanted to try something new. I realize I start a good number of my blog posts with “After I watched an Ina make….” and this one is no different, sadly. She whipped up her own coffee granita on the Barefoot Contessa and might have said her little catch phrase, “How easy is that?” and I might have maybe sat there on the couch captivated, nodding my head, answering her saying, “SO easy!” as the dog stared at me like I was a crazy person. Maybe…

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Raspberry Buttermilk Cake

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Now that summer is here, I have been so inspired by all of the beautiful fruit I’ve been seeing at the market. I’m especially excited for the return of my favorite farmer’s market where there lots of fruit, and more importantly, lots of cheese.

I found this recipe for raspberry buttermilk cake and was foaming at the mouth. It was the perfect first fruit cake of the summer and so surprisingly easy to make! More times than not, I am a raging lunatic in the kitchen but preparation for this cake was seamless and it so fun to make!

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Strawberry Ricotta Cupcakes

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I love holidays and even holidays that I don’t celebrate because there always is an excuse to bake something delicious!

I wanted to make cupcakes and try something new, but not too new because I’ve never messed up cupcakes before and didn’t want to start now! Trust me, I have a never-ending baking bucket list that includes all kinds of crazy cupcake ideas, but after reading so much of Mark Bittman’s books, I think his “simple is better” edict is starting to sink in and I chose not to make the crazy stuffed cupcakes I had in mind originally.

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The BEST Thumbprint Cookies

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I need to practice “filling” the thumbprints. Badly.

For my family Pre-Passover dinner, I volunteered to make dessert. My mom makes the best Matzah ball soup that I’ve ever had and a mean brisket so I was glad to leave the cooking to her and stick to baking cookies!

I wanted to try something from How to Eat Everything but ended up getting stuck on the idea of thumbprint cookies. So too Google I went to find out how Mr. Bittman makes them. This is his cookie recipe, but the fillings he suggested were way beyond my family’s comprehension. Most of them like good old fashioned chocolate with nothing fancy added. But I was feeling a little daring and made a few salted caramel cookies, too (which were MORE of a hit than the plain chocolate–it was a shocker, trust me).

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