Crème brûlée French Toast


I don’t really have anything to say about the Crème brûlée French Toast at Green Eggs Cafe, but I took a picture of it and I feel that it warrants its own blog post. Green Eggs Cafe in Philly might be known for their red velvet pancakes, but o…m….g….this perfectly sweetened version of the classic breakfast dish will leave you unable to think about anything else for the rest of your day. The berry compote, the Chantilly cream, the anilla anglaise, it’s all too good for words.


Shack Shack Philly In Photos


How is it Monday morning already!? As promised, here is the post-Shake Shack experience blog. I meant to take more pictures, I swear but several factors were working against me at the time. You try walking 20 blocks on 95 degrees day, then wait for what feels like hours outside in a line, and tell me if you feel like taking tons of pictures of your food!?

I’m really glad to say, the walk, the heat, the wait was well worth the wait. I ordered a double cheeseburger, fries and a fresh-squeezed lemonade. I’m a sucker for crimpy fries because they remind me of summer night on the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore.

The cheeseburger. SO GOOD. It wasn’t the best burger that I’ve ever had in my life but this wouldn’t even fit into the category of gourmet burgers that I consider supreme (Rouge, Village Whiskey) but in the category of fast food-ish burgers, this wins hands down. It was juicy without being greasy. The cheese was perfectly melted on each patty. It was hot and fresh and tasty. The bun was perfection.

The view!

I could not believe how extensive the menu was, too. I knew they had beer and wine but the dessert options were just crazy and I love that they incorporated traditional Philadelphia foods like soft pretzels and the famous Termini Bros pastries.

The Liberty Shell: vanilla custard and Termini Bros. cannoli shells, strawberry puree and lemon ricotta.

Center City Pretzel: vanilla custard with Philadelphia soft pretzels, caramel, marshmallow sauce and bananas.

How insane. No, I did not partake in any of these treats because saying “I was too full” is an understatement. Dessert definitely constitutes its own visit one day in the near future!

Rittenhouse Square. You’ll need a loooooong walk in the park after this meal!

Shake Shack Philly!

The rumors had been swirling around the city for months and then all of a sudden it became official once ground broke at a location off of Rittenhouse Square: Shake Shack of New York City (And Dubai and D.C., etc.) was coming to Philadelphia! And it is right across from the joint that has my favorite burger of the moment: Jose Garces’ Village Whiskey. Try you must.

I realize the cheeseburger craze has been the bane of many a foodie’s existence these days. Like cupcakes and truffle mac n’ cheese, the food elite wish food civilians like myself would stop getting so hyped up about these eats.

Well sorry foodies, but I love the cheeseburger craze. Even when I was tried to be a vegetarian, I couldn’t resist a good burger. And pairing it with a milkshake and fries…c’mon, man.

To Shake Shack I will go today and will update with all of the photos I can take in between bites. Here’s hoping I come up for air a few times! 🙂

Happy Friday!

Weekend Bites

So much food this weekend…I’m still full!

I’m really not about to say anything useful or helpful. If you want to read a love letter to my meals this weekend, read on. If you’re easily annoyed, you might want to stop here and just look at the pictures. The amount of times I am going to say “so good” is even a little nauseating to me, so I am sorry for the rambling and overuse of exclaimation marks in advanced (!).

First off, there are not many restaurants in the Philadelphia suburbs that I love but Cantina Feliz in Ft. Washington is one of the major exceptions. I am mildly obsessed with tacos–but after almost giving myself and others food poisoning the last time I attempted to make them at home, I’ve just been obsessed with eating them while dining out.

I don’t even know what to say about their cartinas tacos. The pulled pork is so tender and juicy and has a subtle hint of lime that just sends it over the edge. Accompanied with onion, cilantro and avocado, it’s my perfect taco. Ughhhhh take me back!

Their guacamole is so fresh and perfectly seasoned, salsa is out-of-this-world good and shrimp ceviche sitting in a pool of spicy tomatoes, avocado and scallions is so good it’s won Philly Mag’s “Best Ceviche” category.

Also this weekend, shish kabob a-que. I love kabobs but can’t take credit for anything other than watching everyone else cook. Sometimes, my favorite spectator sport is cooking!

The chicken for the kabobs were marinated in greek yogurt–I will try to find out the recipe for this because it was some of the best tasting chicken I’ve ever had. And I’m not a huge chicken fan (weird, dumb, I know) but this was chicken bliss.

Made from scratch: Indian flat bread. So easy it’s stupid and so freakin’ delicious AND there are so many interesting ways you can eat it! I’m going to post the recipe later this week. You will love!

Sabrina’s Stuffed French Toast

One of my favorite things about Philadelphia is its abundance of stellar bruncheries. Sabrina’s is a staple in the city’s brunch scene. They have grown from a super tiny space on Christian Street in Bella Vista and now have two other locations in University City and my favorite in Fairmount.

Sabrina’s in Fairmount is where I first tried the Stuffed French Toast and oh my gosh, heaven in breakfast form appeared before me on the plate.  Sabrina’s is notorious for their weekly changing  specials and the above photo was a variation of the standard stuffed french toast on the  menu. Get ready to salivate:

Two slices of doughy, sweet, slightly gooey french toast sandwiched together and enveloping cream cheese, Nutella and sliced bananas, sitting in a pool of peach syrup and topped with french peaches. You can be jealous now.

This is SOOOO good that I didn’t even mind the bananas. And I hate bananas. When I say that, I mean that I cannot eat a banana without literally gagging. The texture, the mushiness, the smell…not my cup of tea. Ironically, I do love banana bread but probably because the other ingredients mask the banana enough for my taste. And once in a while when they are not the “star” of the dish, I can deal.

So major kudos to Sabrina’s for not only the best brunch l I have ever had, but for the much-needed potassium boost.

And so you don’t feel alone, know that I’m having oatmeal for breakfast today. So I’m right there with you in any food envy you might have right now…

Dogfish Head Brewery

When your boyfriend is obsessed (a term I don’t use lightly) with beer, you learn to love it. This time last year we were about to head down to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware  for a mini-vacation and to visit the Dogfish Head Brewery & their brew pub. Allow me to reminisce for a second while I’m stuck in gloomy, rainy Philly…

If you ever have a chance, I would definitely recommend paying a visit here, beer fanatic or not. The brew pub is in downtown Rehoboth Beach and is super accessible to the beach-goer. The production brewery is further inland in Milton, DE but fear not; it’s not too far of a drive.

Dog cuteness in Rehoboth Beach

The big brewery is really something to see. Out of all the breweries I’ve toured, this one is top-notch. The people working there really love their jobs and there’s so much to see because Dogfish Head such an innovative craft brewery. The tasting room is simply awesome. After the tour, you can congregate there with your friends, sip on different beers while looking around the gift shop.

Back at the brewpub, you can see and tour where it all started. The founder and owner, Sam Calgione first started Dogfish Head with the small brewpub and only opened the full production brewery after they outgrew the original space. Not only can you enjoy older beers on reserve here, but you can also sample new experimental beers that are being tested out on customers for the first time! Get a growler full of one of these newbies and brag to your friends back home!

If you’re not into beer, they have a small distillery in the brewpub where they make a few different spirits including Peanut Butter vodka. Yes. Seriously. If you have the stomach for it, try the PB Tini which is made with peanut butter and chocolate vodkas and their homemade cold chocolate mix. I quickly learned that I don’t have any sort of stomach for it  and could only drink maybe a third of it before I felt like I was going down.

So. much. beer.

Inside the brewery. Excellent photography.

Hops growing at the brewpub

If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself, you can book a free tour of the production brewery here. Make them well in advance because this IS the ultimate craft beer destination and these tours fillll uppppp. And be sure to see the smaller operation at the brewpub which you can tour sans reservation.